1000 Lives Plus is the national improvement programme, supporting organisations and individuals, to deliver the highest quality and safest healthcare for the people of Wales. 1000 Lives Plus is achieving this through:

Improvement Programmes
Engaging frontline staff and leaders in developing evidence-based interventions and spreading good practice
Improvement Methodology
Providing staff with the standardised methodology which underpins the work of 1000 Lives Plus
Ensuring Patient and Person Driven Care
Putting the experience and perspective of the people of Wales at the centre of all improvement work
Publications and Resources
Capturing new ways of working in how to guides, white papers and video based material
The 1000 Lives Plus Faculty
Bringing clinical and improvement leaders together from across Wales to provide the local and national expertise
1000 Lives Improvement Events
Bringing together staff through national learning events, online seminars and collaborative meetings.
1000 Lives Improvement Student and Educator Community
Engaging and equipping educators and the workforce of tomorrow to make a difference today
Providing organisations with effective communications, to engage key stake holders, introduce new interventions and bring about change
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Special focus

  • Improving Quality Together
    IQT is the national learning programme for all NHS Wales staff and contractors. It provides a common and consistent approach to improving the quality of services in NHS organisations across Wales

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